Currently List: March 2017

Since March is almost over, I wanted to get up a currently list of everything I’m loving lately!


  • Eating:  Brisket sandwiches-   This is what I had for dinner tonight, and it was the best thing I’ve had in a long time.  Whenever I visit Marc in Chicago we go to Hopleaf on Clark Street and get a brisket sandwich and fries.  It’s amazing- not barbecued brisket, but the type of brisket that is cooked forever until its soft and tender.  It comes with a mustard sauce and the crispiest fries.  I’ve not found a good brisket sandwich near me, which is ironic since I live in the south and should be able to find good barbecue!  I ended up going to Midwood Smokeshack for dinner tonight, which serves Texas style barbecue.  I got an Abilene Press, which was a panini style sandwich with smoked brisket and gouda.  It came with a spicy barbecue remoulade sauce for dipping and fries that were crinkle cut and very crispy.  Not exactly Hopleaf, but the best brisket sandwich I’ve found in NC!
  • Listening:  Edwin McCain-  I bought the Honor Among Thieves CD which I’ve been listening to in the car.  Edwin McCain was big when I was in high school.  I remember that in freshman English we had to play a song and give an analysis of the lyrics, and I used the song “I’ll Be” for my presentation.  Misguided Roses was definitely a better CD, but from this one I am enjoying Alive and 3AM.
  • Lamenting: Duke’s Early Exit from the Tournament- I’m always sad when basketball season is over, and this was a particularly hard to watch, up and down year.  It was frustrating and disappointing to have a team which had so many talented individual players who somehow never got it together.  The highlight was beating UNC twice, once in Cameron and once on our improbable run to the ACC championship.  I’m spoiled about basketball, because I assume that every season should at least include a trip to the Sweet Sixteen!  The sad thing is that this was the team who was so lauded, and we’re losing several guys after this season… who knows what next season holds!
  • Pondering: Educational Goals- I’ve considered pursuing a doctorate degree for awhile now and am still pondering the issue.  I can do a distance ed or weekend program to get a degree in Higher Education Leadership, which might open some doors into administration down the line… but do I want to be in administration?  Also, do I really want to do an EdD degree?  My first choice would be a PhD in Science Education, but that would involve quitting my job, moving, and being a full time student again for a few years.  Since that isn’t really an option, the EdD is the easier route for getting “Dr.” in front of my name!
  •  Wearing:  Perfect Sheath Dresses:  I unpacked most of my summer clothes, and when it starts to get warm I am always excited to break out the dresses!  I didn’t take photos of my outfits this week for the blog, but I will include one photo of a black and white sheath dress that I wore to work one day.  A sheath dress or a fit and flare style really suits my figure, and I feel polished in a dress like this.  I also bought a red and cream flowered dress recently and a royal blue sheath dress while I was in Chicago.  The forecast looks good, so hopefully I can wear them soon!
  • This dress is an odd pattern but the black and white makes it classic. It’s from Banana Republic and I love the fact that it’s very fitted on top with a more flared skirt that even has pockets.

  • Anticipating:  Spring Break- Easter is late this year, so Spring break is late.  Two more weeks!  I just might make it!
  • Making: A Latch Hook Rug for Next Christmas-  Don’t ask why I started this now… I happened to be at Goodwill one day and they had this brand new boxed latch hook rug kit of a black and white cat wearing a Santa hat.  The cat looked just like Daisy and the kit cost 79 cents so I bought it… not sure what inspired me to start it now, but I’ve been working on it in the evening while watching TV.  It’s coming along!
  • Reading:  Nothing good-  I’ve started a couple books recently and not gotten into anything.  I started Darker Domain by Val McDermid which is set in Scotland and is a cold case mystery… I’m on page 58 and the plot hasn’t really gotten moving yet.  I also started Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, which was a bestseller a few years ago.  I thought that the premise sounded good, but a rich privileged girl planning her wedding has not interested me much.  Supposedly she has some secret past and there will be some plot twists if I can just convince myself to keep reading.  Not sure if it’s poor book choices or just my mood, but  hopefully I find something that piques my interest soon!  Mom gave me a couple Harlan Coben books, so maybe I’ll get into a mystery.
  • Loving:  Nest Perfume in Passiflora- I bought the perfume rollerball and the body cream in this scent.  It’s on sale at Sephora, and I finally caved and bought it.  The perfect scent for summer!
  • Shopping for: Summer Sleepwear-  In winter I wear warm, practical, completely unsexy pajamas.  In the summer it’s finally warm enough to wear pretty little nightgowns! This month I purchased two new nightgown and robe sets.   One is from Victoria’s Secret- a short satin gown with flowers and lace along with a matching navy satin short robe.  The other is a modal nightgown and robe from Gilligan O’Malley at Target. Super soft and comfortable, but the nightgown is very fitted at the top and flattering.  (This nightgown is similar to what I bought but in solid.) I have the same nightgown in a leopard print and loved it so much that I bought the same style in a pink pattern.
  • Watching:  The Catch and Designated Survivor-  Both these shows just came back in the last month.  The Catch is advertised as a romantic comedy, which I think is a poor description although I don’t know how to describe it.  He’s a conman who tried to steal her life savings even though he really loves her.  She’s a private investigator who hunted him down and still loves him, and they’re trying to figure out how to make it work.  Designated Survivor has kept me interested, lots of suspense and twists.  I really like Maggie Q and Kiefer Sutherland, even though a presidential drama series has never caught my interest in the past.
  • Trying: To Motivate Myself- I live for Spring and Summer.  My mood lifts.  I both feel and look better.  I get some renewed energy to work on things in my life.  I’ve got a couple big work projects going- writing the lab manual, working on a potential paper/presentation project, developing a new course for next Fall.  It’s also the time of year to start thinking about flowers outside and making my house and life beautiful.  I’m trying to get myself into gear early this spring!
  • Overall mood: Stable  – I’m not having many ups or downs lately.  Work is on the down hill towards spring break and graduation, so that leaves me feeling excited for possibilities this spring and summer!  Nothing exciting has happened yet, but I’m hopeful!
  • Theme words/mantras/quotes:

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