Hello world! 

Is there room on the internet for one more blogger?  I hope so!  In the past few years I’ve discovered some fun blogs and youtube channels, and I’ve connected with other women who enjoy beauty and fashion as much as I do.  This was sort of a revelation for me, since I don’t personally know anyone other than my mom who is quite as obsessed as I am.  (My obsession can definitely be traced back to age three when I loved playing in my mom’s closet, attempting to walk in her sky-high heels, and trying on all her lipsticks… to this day she is still my biggest beauty influence!)  My entire life I feel like I’ve been fighting the negative stereotype that if you care about how you look that must mean you’re vain or full of yourself or probably not too smart.  I do care about my image and I like to look pretty, but I hate when people see that as a negative personality trait.  It’s been nice to watch videos or read blogs from other girls like me who value looking good and who are also interested in exploring beauty and fashion.  I’ve been inspired by them to start my own blog and add my thoughts to the content that is already out there.  I think we all have slightly different opinions to bring, and I’m excited to finally have this blog up and running!

I’ve always thought of myself as a very creative and artistic person, but that side of me has been buried under work and school lately.   Hopefully this blog will be a good creative outlet and a chance to have a little fun sharing some of the things that I love!  I can’t wait to hear from people out there, so please leave comments on my blog or email me at rissajaneen@gmail.com if you want to get in touch!


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