What I Wore This Week: 3/13- 3/17

Thankfully it’s Friday!  It hasn’t been a terrible week, but I wouldn’t rank it as a very exciting one either.  It was mostly just the work routine without any fun outings or major events.  After a couple weeks of mild weather, this was an incredibly cold week.  We got a random dusting of snow on Sunday followed by very low temperatures and windy, blustery days.  I am definitely someone who worries more about being warm versus looking good- as you can probably see reflected in the outfits below!  Let’s hope that spring returns soon!

Monday:  This outfit in shades of grey was just about the warmest and comfiest thing I could find!

The pants are actually by the athletic brand Marika, but they are a basic pull on boot cut pant with fleece lining.  I always feel like they’re a little big in the waist and a little too long (so I have to wear them with tall black booties).  At one point in life I loved a pair of grey ponte boot cut leggings from Express, and these pants are the closest I can find to that style.  I wore it with a simple long sleeve scoop neck from Cynthia Rowley and a gray/ black/ navy leopard print scarf.  When I’m really cold, a scarf makes me feel warmer, and the pattern and neutral colors of this scarf have made it a recent favorite.  On Mondays I teach one lecture and do office hours, and since my office tends to be frigid I brought a chunky grey sweater by Merona to wrap up in.

Tuesday:  This was the one day out of the week when I feel like I made a real effort to look nice.  I went with grey again- this time a dress by Sophie Max.  I rarely buy multiples of something, but I have this dress in both grey and a deep red.  It’s simple and classic and can be styled in different ways with tights, over leggings, with a cardigan, or with jewelry.

It doesn’t really pick up in the photo, but these are tights with a tiny grey pinstripe in them.  I rarely ever wear them because I don’t know how to work them into outfits, but I thought this was cute with the dress and my gray suede Sam Edelman booties.  I love a pointy toe heeled boot, and these are surprisingly comfortable.  Tuesday is my longest day of the week- with double lectures in the morning followed by an evening lecture too.  It’s usually a 12 hour day, and this outfit looked pulled together but was easy to wear all day.  I wore a chunky, multistrand silver necklace.  Long necklaces are my thing… I often love a simple outfit like this paired with bold jewelry.  My hair and make-up came out good on this day too- a purple smoky eye and pretty pink lipstick.  It’s a sign of spring that I’m really into pink lipstick lately!  This shade is Mistress by Buxom, and the formula is one of my favorites.

Wednesday:  This was a cold and rainy day, and all I did was go in to teach one lab.  I went with my standard leggings, long top, and boots look.

The leggings were fleece lined, because as much as I’m ready to pack up winter clothes the weather does not seem to be cooperating!  My top was velour in a pink/purple/black paisley pattern by CuddlDuds.  (BTW:  I have a secret love affair with paisley and need to start incorporating it more into my wardrobe!)  I added a black vest over top of it just to make me a little bit warmer!  The boots are 3/4 boots by Naturalizer, and since I packed away all my other boots these are the only ones I still have out.  I highly recommend Naturalizer for comfy shoes!

Thursday:  This outfit feels very much like me.  It’s another variation on my favorite long top/ leggings/ boots combination!

I wore velvet leggings- a dressier option than fleece but just as warm- and the same Naturalizer boots.  The shirt is this rust colored linen tunic top by Madewell, and even though rust/orange shades are not usually up my alley this style is a favorite.

The photos do not do justice to how beautiful this scarf is.  It’s a burn out velvet with rust colored flowers and green leaves.  Absolutely gorgeous and elegant!  I also wore a pair of antique gold earrings by Ralph Lauren which have a very Indian inspired feel to them.  This is maybe my favorite outfit of the week because it’s the most reflective of my style and that dressy-comfortable vibe I love.

Friday:  This was St. Patrick’s day, so I wanted to wear green… the problem with that is that I absolutely detest the color green and own very few green articles of clothing.  Embracing this idea of wearing more items out of my closet, I took a jacket from a skirt suit and wore it with jeans.

This is my least favorite outfit of the week.  This jacket is double breasted, so it doesn’t look good open and I feel stuffy if I button it up.  It’s also too short to be flattering.  I need to try on the skirt from this suit and see if that is something I might wear (because I do love skirts) but the jacket can go.  I took these photos later in the day, so by that point I’d pulled my hair back into a pony tail.  In honor of St. Patty’s Day I did a smoky green eye which came out really well.  Surprisingly, I love green eyeshadow or liner but hate green clothing.  Does anyone else out there have certain colors of clothing that they just don’t wear?  I do not have any particular reason why, but I never wear green, yellow, or orange.  I’ve tried forcing myself to like them, and I just don’t… and it may be time for me to make peace with that and simply quit those colors!

Today is Saturday and I’m staying in from the cold and the rain and watching March Madness!  Duke won last night versus Troy, so they don’t play again until Sunday.  It should be a very chill weekend around here!

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