What I Wore This Week: 3/6/17- 3/10/17

Last weekend’s closet reorganizing reminded me how many great pieces I already have in my closet.  I felt inspired this week to pull out some things that I have not worn in forever.  The weather was unseasonably warm this week, so my outfits didn’t have to center around a chunky sweater.  (Next week the temperatures drop again though- boo!)

I work as a college lecturer, and besides not wearing jeans to teach in there is not much of a dress code.  I can be as dressed up as I want or as casual as I want.  I have a lot of business appropriate pieces in my wardrobe, and if I am in a mood where I wake up and feel good then I want to look good.  There are other days when I wake up and feel tired and would rather put on something comfy, so I’m grateful to have that option as well.  It’s surprising though how often students (both guys and girls) notice little details of my outfit and will even comment on it.  That reminds me that my job is standing in front of people, so I should strive to look polished and together most of the time.

Here’s a look at what I wore this week.  I took these pics using the time delay setting on my camera, and I’m still figuring out what modes work best and how to situate the camera.  Some pics came out better than others, but hopefully I’ll learn as I go!

Monday:  It was a beautiful day, I was in a fantastic mood, even for a Monday.  I decided that I wanted to wear this blue Ann Taylor skirt which I never wear because I’m a little unsure about it.  Blue is not typically my color, and I don’t think this fits well.  I paired it with a plain 3/4 sleeve navy v-neck, some classic pearl jewelry, and a pair of navy peep toe sling backs by Antonio Melani.  I tried the shirt tucked in to determine whether I liked that better, since I have a tiny waist and generally like to show that off.

This picture is a perfect image of why I need to let this skirt go.  I have larger hips, and this tends to be my problem with certain pencil skirts.  They pucker and pull in a way that is unflattering on me.  The pictures prove it, so this helped me decide that this piece can go.

Tuesday:  This was a day when I was just going into my office for a few hours.  I was planning to just sit there with the door closed and not see anyone, so I cared more about being comfy.  I went with my black Women with Control leggings and an odd striped jersey from Max Studio.  I put on comfy black flats and threw on a black beaded necklace.  There’s nothing wrong with this outfit but it’s definitely not a fashion statement.  I think that I’ll be getting rid of this long tunic jersey.  I don’t love stripes, and if I do want to wear them I have another black and white shirt I would choose over this one.

Not sure what I did differently, but this was a good hairday as well as a good outfit day!

Wednesday:  I knew that I was going in to teach one lab and coming straight home to watch the Duke game at 2pm.  I wanted to wear Duke blue, so I chose this Vince Camuto sweater and my Women with Control capri leggings.  This sweater has been a staple for me.  It’s very thin and you need to wear a cami under it, but it’s the perfect lightweight fabric and is a good length for me to wear with leggings.

Seriously cute and surprisingly comfortable blue heels by Aldo

I took a picture of these on so that you can see the way they wear and sort of climb up your ear. Vintage jewelry is one of my favorite things, and I feel sort of glamorous when I wear these.

I had fun with accessories with this outfit.  Since we were doing lab I had to wear closed toed shoes but I didn’t want to be boring.  I decided that patent leather blue ones from Aldo would be fun!  I also wore a pair of blingy rhinestone earrings that came from the antique fair in Cameron.  These remind me of the climber style earrings which have been popular, and the blues and greens are so much fun.  I saw Kate Spade jewelry at TJ Maxx recently and she does a lot of big, nearly gawdy rhinestones like this.  I love blingy jewelry but rarely feel I have a place to wear it.  This made me realize that I can mix it in sometimes!

Thursday:  So, so tired.  I woke up at the last possible minute, put on some clothes, and got out the door.  On Thursday I teach an 8am lab section, which is a struggle!  The picture did not come out great, but I wore brown slacks and an embroidered jersey.  These brown pants are from Express, and I can tell you that I got them during my sophomore year of college.  If I could find new pants I might retire these, but buying pants is a huge issue for me.  These are perfect so I’m keeping them forever!  I wish that the picture had come out better, because this is a gorgeous purple/blue color jersey by Max Studio which has brown embroidery.  Mom gave me this for Christmas and it’s the first time I wore it.  This is going to be a favorite since it’s super soft and comfy as well as being on trend with all the Mexican inspired embroidery I’ve been seeing for Spring.

Go Blue Devils!  In case anyone out there doesn’t know, Cameron is Duke’s basketball stadium.  Duke fans are called Cameron Crazies for their yelling and cheering.  This shirt makes me smile and remember all the absolutely wonderful craziness 🙂

Friday:  I’m incredibly lucky with my teaching schedule, and I don’t teach at all on Friday.  I go into the office for a few hours to get a few things done, but overall it’s an easy day and a good start to the weekend!  I wore my Celebrity Pink skinny jeans (Love this brand- if you are like me with big hips and a tiny waist. These actually fit without gaping in the back!) and my Cameron Crazies shirt.  Duke played UNC on Friday night in the ACC tournament and I wanted to show some team spirit.  (Duke beat UNC I might add and plays for the ACC championship tonight versus Notre Dame! GTHCGTH!)

It was one of those odd days where it was chilly in the morning and warmer by afternoon and then the temperature dropped a lot over the evening, so I took my blue Patagonia fleece pull over.  I bought this from Goodwill recently and this was the first time I wore it.  Love it so much- super warm and comfy and the kangaroo pocket is a plus- so I have a feeling this will become a favorite next winter.

I hope you enjoyed getting to see what I wore this week.  Taking the photos and documenting it helped me realize that the skirt and the striped top are not pieces I’m thrilled with or interested in keeping.  I have things that fit me better and that I love more, so I’ll look into either selling them on ebay or just donating them.  Next week the weather turns cold again, so it’s back to sweaters and boots!

2 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week: 3/6/17- 3/10/17

  1. I love the outfits this week, Marissa! Whenever you decide to start selling your old and unwanted clothes, let me know!

    • Hi Michelle- Thanks for the comment! As I start clearing more things out of my closet I will take photos and post everything to ebay. I’ll put up a link and let you know! I’m a size 2 in pants/dresses and a small or extra small in tops. If you ever see anything in photos that I say I’m getting rid of which you’d like, send me an email and we can work something out! Have a great day!

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