What’s on my “To Be Read” List? May 2017

Not sure where April went… I didn’t blog at all this month even though I had the best of intentions. My hope was that Spring break would be a good time to blog, but I did other things and enjoyed my time off.  We are at the end of the semester and it’s felt busy, but I can see the end in sight.  Ten more days of work followed by three months off!

So with that, I’m looking forward to lots of time off and lots of reading!  The amount of books I’ve bought recently and not yet read is getting to be a little ridiculous.  I found a new thrift shop that sells books for ten cents and has an entire wall of bookshelves.  This was my second trip there, and they gave me a box to carry home all the books I had purchased.  I may have gone a little crazy, but who can argue with that price?  Some people seek out certain authors or series and buy books new, but I cannot bring myself to pay full price for books.  I go through so many books a month that if I paid full price on each of them I’d go broke!  If I want to read a specific series sometimes I will order used books on Amazon, but for the most part my book collection consists of whatever other people give me and whatever books I randomly picked up at the thrift store!

Since I have quite a large haul of “new to me” books, I thought that I would make a list of the books that I hope to read in May.  Lately I’ve been reading mostly mysteries, but I want to push myself to read all kinds of books.  For that reason this list includes some nonfiction, classics, and fiction genres that I don’t normally read.  My plan is to put these books next to my bed and when I finish one book hopefully pick up another from the stack.  Also, who knows how many books I will finish in May?  I figure that I average 5 books a month, but if I’m off starting May 11th after graduation then hopefully I have more time to read.  I’ve decided to err on the side of being aspirational and hoping that I read a lot!

Here is my list of books:

  1.  The Luckiest Girl by Jessica Knoll (Disclaimer:  I tried to start this before and could not get into it.  I’m giving it another go.)
  2.  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot (I want to read this before the movie comes out.)
  3. The Inner Circle by Brad Meltzer
  4. The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances by Ellen Cooney
  5. Fractured by Kate Watterson
  6. Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald (I am making an effort to read more books by classic authors.)
  7. First to Die by James Patterson (I have read a few of the Women’s Murder Club novels, but I’m going to try reading them in order.  I have the first 13 books.)
  8. The Racketeer by John Grisham
  9. Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath  (This is nonfiction and looks to be similar to the style of Malcolm Gladwell.)
  10. Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly Whittemore
  11. The Summer We Read Gatsby by Danielle Ganek
  12. The Inferno by Dan Brown (I liked the Davinci Code and didn’t really get into Angels and Demons, but I’ll give this a chance.)

Reading 12 books in the next month is unlikely, but it’s a worthy goal.  Besides the NBA playoffs, I won’t be watching much sports and most of the TV shows I follow will go on summer hiatus soon.  Books can fill my evenings instead.

I hope this list gives you some ideas of things to read.  I’ve been really into blogs and youtube videos lately about what other people are reading, and I find it gives me good ideas about authors or genres that I might want to look out for when book shopping.  If you’ve read and enjoyed any books on this list tell me- I’ll bump them to the top of the pile! 😉

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