Why start a blog?

Let me start by giving you two quotes:

“What moves those of genius, what inspires their work, is not new ideas but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough.”  

     ~  Eugene Delacroix

“Why do I write?  Perhaps in order not to go mad.  Or, on the contrary, to touch the bottom of madness.”

     ~Elie Wiesel

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I’m going for a touch of irony by drawing on other people’s writing to express my need to create my own words.  I write for a lot of reasons, but it circles back to two main motivations.  As the first quote hits on, I write because I want to share thoughts, feelings, connections with the world and because I believe that something I say can add to the ongoing discourse.  As the second quote indicates, I write because it is good for me.  Through writing I can remember, reminisce, tap into my spirit, grow, clarify what I believe, and figure out who I want to be.  Writing is wonderful because it can join me both to the rest of the world and to myself.

I’ve spent most of my life with my head in a book, either a book I was reading or a book that I was scribbling in.  I love both, and they are connected.  What I was reading helped to nurture what I was writing.  I’ve written mainly just for myself- journals, poems, stories… things that I wrote because I felt them and writing them down fulfilled something for me personally.  I like to draw and paint and do crafty things too, and while those things are also a creative outlet for me, writing is is what I am most passionate about.

Lately I have wanted to be more passionate about sharing it.  I want to write and put it out there and see what happens.  I’m trying to live a life that better balances the work, the home, and the personal, and it’s time that I started working more on the personal.  Writing and blogging is part of that.  I’ll admit that I don’t have a clear vision for what this blog will be exactly, but I I want it to feel like me… to be a place where I’m sharing all the things that I love from beauty and fashion, to reading and doing stuff around the house, to traveling and living life, to creative art projects… basically I want this blog to be a random, beautiful mess.  (If I can achieve that then it really will be like me! hehe)  Lately I’ve been living my life but not living it well- not living it with the drive and determination that have always been an integral part of who I am.  I’m trying to get back to that and inspire myself again, and my hope is that this blog will be a chance for me to share things that I’m passionate about.  I want to kickstart myself to live fully again and make my life more.

So here goes nothing… but hopefully something!

Hopefully yours,




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